How to install Awstats to track visitors on website?

August 4, 2015 3.9k views

I’m having difficulties using Awstats with Ubuntu 14.04 - followed tutorials on several pages, perhaps they’re outdated? I’m not very experienced with Ubuntu. Any help?


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Just search for a tutorial ‘How to install Awstats on Ubuntu 14.04’. I don’t think that there’ll be a problem with outdated guides, and if it there were troubles try another tutorial.

But I would choose another tool for tracking visitors, have you every thought about using Piwik?

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Piwik is an open-source analytics system, which can be hosted at your cloud sever. It provides a more personalized solution than Google Analytics as it lets you have ownership and more control of your data, shows detailed traffic in real-time, and it has more stylistic graphs to see your data more effectively.
  • Is there another tutorial for AWStats from DO?
    I don’t find any here.

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