How to install BIND in Ubuntu 14.04?

April 26, 2014 3.7k views
Well, I was following this tutorial ( and saw that there're only tutorials for installing BIND DNS Server on CentOS not in Ubuntu. I've created two new Droplets name and as tutorial asked, with ubuntu 14.04 X64. In both I will install BIND. There's is a problem using CentOS for my DNS Servers and Ubuntu to host? I guess not... but I'm insecure with my server skills.. :'(
2 Answers
Yeah, everything is possible.
Once I setup a 2 DNS, 1 mailserver, 1 webserver and 1 database server.
DNS was running on Debian, mailserver and webserver on CentOS and the database server on ArchLinux. So don't be afraid to experiment.
Thanks Marinos. Created many VPS just to experiment. And decided to stay with Zpanel... with none others serving as dns servers. That's gonna be postponed to near future
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