How to install ELK Stack in Dev environment on CentOS 6.6

April 8, 2015 3.4k views
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I checked a lot of postings for ELK installation but I cannot find it step by step for CentOS 6.6 with newer or current version of logstash 1.4.2, Elsticsearch 1.42 and Kinan 4.0

I tried and followed instructions from a quite few links but cannot make it work.

Hope to get more details for configuration for each component install.

  • Hey! Have you taken a look at this CentOS 7 ELK tutorial? There shouldn't be much if any difference on CentOS 6. It would give us a common base to work from, and if you hit a more specific issue you can let us know.

  • I did install CentOS 7 and follow this link step by step but we don't use SSL in test environment.
    When I skipped these SSL configuration and went to the next phase then I could not bring up the URL.

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update? need for centos6.x an no, it's not a simple fix for the init scripts. could be much worse underneath, kernel parms... yadda...
if someone has the Centos6X link pls advise, i will scour the net in the meantime. tanks.

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