How to install Let's Encrypt SSL in Wordpress

July 23, 2018 325 views
WordPress Ubuntu 16.04

I'm not really a sysad person a step by step guide would be appreciated.

the tutorials are not working for me and giving me some errors in Launch Console

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Hello friend!

While I can appreciate the desire for a step by step guide, I'm afraid it isn't possible for one to exist that works perfectly for everyone. There are so many unique variables that every guide will need to be adapted to your situation. My recommendation is to search Google with a formula like this:

Distro version + web server + wordpress + letsencrypt

So, for example, it could look like this:

Ubuntu 16 + apache + wordpress + letsencrypt

Kind Regards,

You may try following tutorial to install WordPress on your DO droplet,

And then enable Let's Encrypt SSL with this one,

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