How to install mybb in ubuntu 14.04?

November 2, 2015 4k views
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I want to install mybb on ubuntu 14.04 with apache2. Can you please help me? Thank you

1 Answer

This guide will walk you through installing MyBB on a clean Ubuntu droplet.

If you'd prefer, you could also choose to use the LAMP application image when creating your droplet. When using this image all the software you need to run MyBB (Apache, MySQL PHP) are installed by default, The default web root or /var/www/html is used, and the MySQL root user's password can be found in the MOTD.

by Justin Ellingwood
Installing web-facing programs often involves following the same basic set of steps. This involves installing and configuring a web stack (often LAMP), uploading the application's files to the web root, and configuring the appropriate values. In this guide, we will introduce you to this basic practice by installing a forum software called MyBB.
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