How to install PerconaDB in ServerPilot?

July 27, 2017 1.4k views
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I have $5 droplet. I connect my server with ServerPilot. Before installing wordpress in serverpilot I want to replace MySql with either MariaDB or PerconaDB.

What is the procedure to replace Mysql in serverpilot?

I read this tutorial,

my question is will it work even if I use serverpilot?

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MariaDB & Percona are drop-in replacements for MySQL – you should be able to remove MySQL and install either one without any issues, though ServerPilot does do things a little differently :-).

To make sure removing MySQL won’t break something on their end, I’d definitely recommend getting in touch with them before you try.

That said, running a full stack on 512MB may be problematic. We normally recommend 1GB as MySQL requires quite a bit of RAM (even if you swap out to MariaDB or Percona). This will generally prevent the all-too-common service crashes (due to MySQL not being able to acquire enough RAM). Even our one-click application for WordPress is set to require 1GB (up from the previous 512MB).

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