How to install self-signed SSL on Apache Tomcat on CentOS 7.5

November 7, 2018 770 views
Apache CentOS

Can anyone point in the direction of simple, easy, instructions to install a self-signed SSL certificate on CentOS running Apache Tomcat (Jira)?

All I can tell so far is I think my installation uses APR and not JSSE. This is the Digital Ocean CentOS 7.5 image with only Jira installed.

I cannot find a simple set of instructions that doesn't skip over many important points. For example this guide completely skips over generating the .crt and .pem files. I have now been trying to figure out how to get a set of .crt and .pem and I can't find any guide that does that either.. Digital Ocean's guide gives .key, .csr and .crt but not .pem. Other guides give different combinations but apparently not the ones that are needed.

Can anyone just give me the simple version of how to get this done? I just need to generate a compatible self-signed certificate and add it to this Apache Tomcat installation which is only running Jira.

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