How to install Zpanel in Ubuntu 12.04 droplet?

Posted July 15, 2013 30.4k views

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We currently do not have an article on installing zPanel on Ubuntu, however we do have an article on installing it on CentOS:

You can also follow this guide for Ubuntu:
@Ola: Take a look at this page:

The instructions are pretty straightforward. Let me know how it goes.
We now have an ubuntu zpanel tutorial :)
Thanks. I set the fqdn "" during installation, but only access in "". How to configure to access in a subdomain? I don't find nothing about it...
Did you create proper DNS records for the (sub)domain(s)?
I certanly would appreciate a step-by-step guide to install zpanel on my Ubuntu 12.04 droplet... That guide at was way too complicated. I followed it and it failed...
Just created a brand-new droplet. Step 5 (64-bit) returns error:

-bash: ./ cannot execute binary file
Fixed. One-click LAMP install is 32-bit, not 64-bit.
@Etel that link is dead
@matt: The article was taken down—zPanel is insecure and has been causing issues for a lot of users.
What were the security problems?
Do you have any suggestions on a zpanel free alternative?
Virtualmin is a Webmin module which allows for extensive management of (multiple) virtual private servers. You will be able to manage Apache, Nginx, PHP, DNS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, mailboxes, FTP, SSH, SSL, Subversion/Git repositories and many more.
Webmin/Virtualmin is the best on ubuntu but its ugly :( :( :(
Hello my friends, I would test the Zpanel because I thought Vesta bad medium for prestashop.
Would you like some information:
1-In which I put the directory after installing prestashop Zpanel?
2-Is there a tutorial for me to configure domain, dns, etc. ..

Thanks to all
Im also interested for managing my tests with some Web Hosting Control Panel like VirtualMin or Zpanel. It would be good to find how many people are using some of thouse free Web CP. About security- most users means more possible that it is secure.
You might also try ServerPilot, which is a hosting control panel designed for DigitalOcean droplets. It has a free plan and supports Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04.

Newbie question:

Virtualmin is for managing virtual servers, right?

DigitalOcean is a virtual server.

Does it create a virtual server inside another virtual server? or else, what is it good for?

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