How to integrate Hubot with Rocket.Chat

October 5, 2016 4.4k views
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i am reading github Rchat hubot adapter installation instruction from

i still couldn’t completely understand how to integrate Hubot to RChat.
All i need to do is to install Hubot and Add adapter to hubot? I am running Rchat on Digital Ocean Ubuntu 14.04 right now. What else do i need to do ?

Is there a document/tutorial that lays out all the steps in terms of how to integrate hubot to Rchat?

Thanks in advance!

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ryanpq MOD October 6, 2016
Accepted Answer

I think that the readme you linked to is likely the best source for setting this up. Launching the adapter with the details of your RChat instance and then specifying the adapter when setting up hubot should do the trick. Then hubot would route messages to the adapter which would route them to

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