How to keep shared hosting email service

September 23, 2015 2.4k views
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I moved my website to DO from shared hosting. Is it possible to use shared hosting email service ? if it so, what are the proper DNS configurations ?

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Ask your shared hosting provider. More than likely, the answer will be no. Sensible shared hosting providers do not allow remote connections to their server for sending email.

Thank you @fishy , currently I'm using A record and using shared hosting email service, Is it good ? sorry for asking such a thing, because I'm a developer and new to DNS stuff and

  • @chathudan If it's working then I wouldn't do anything. That said, I think that I should clarify. If you're using the email services provided by your shared hosting provider (and you're not looking to send emails through your shared hosting provider from your new server) then you should be okay. As long as you know everything's configured properly and everything is working as expected.

If you want to receive emails to your shared hosting account, you just need to add the appropriate MX records to your domain name.

You can usually figure out what they are in the DNS Manager of your shared hosting account. If not, just contact your shared hosting provider asking them about the MX records.

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