How to limit text seen at the portal wordpress

Posted July 22, 2016 3k views

Hi, let’s say I want to make an article, and I want you to see when you enter to the website only 1 line description, maybe 2, maybe the first paragraph. How do I achieve this? Also when I enter on my Mobil, it’s displaying the content like if were clicking on the article, and I don’t want to show the full article.

I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 and word press. Thank you.

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2 answers

are you editing the php files in your theme, or are you trying to achieve this through plugins ?

  • I would like to avoid plugins as much as possible. I want to learn to modify is on the file my self :)

    • Cool. Being able to modify your own theme is a great thing to do.

      so, going a little deeper here: are you picturing a short excerpt that someone can click on and it takes them to a full article, or are you picturing the full article exists on the page, but is hidden and when the person clicks on it, it sort of opens up and shows the full article?

      I am not a fan of the second option, but some people do that. I think it is uses some JQuery to make it roll out when you click it.

      The first option is relatively simple. Can you post the page template you are working on? Do you know what file that is you are working on?

      • I don’t understand what you are trying to ask me, take a look at the web please and I’ll derive another simple question out of it.

        When you click on any article and you scroll to the bottom, it shows the tags of that article, that’s what I want to hide :)

        Also, I recently applied for google ad-sense but I got rejected, other than that domain which I’m going to change, what else could it be?

        Thanks for helping me

        Pd: don’t pay much attention to the content, I upload whatever comes to my mind, I need to define the purpose of the web

        • I would guess that your content is why you were rejected by Google might try setting up on a different domain and making your content about cooking or some other innocuous hobby.

          so, in a Wordpress site, your theme has a bunch of files in it. Each file will be used to display different content.

          It is difficult to say what that file will be on your site, but probably something like: single.php

          If you can find the file that is displaying your content of the page you want to change, then you can start editing that file.

          Your theme-files will be located in