How to link subdomain to my droplet (step-by-step)

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How to create sub domains:
(with Droplet setting up)

1) cd /var/www/

2) mkdir subdomain

  • let’s create the subdomain folder

3) chmod -R 775 subdomain

  • giving permission on the folder

4) cd subdomain

5) sudo nano index.php
(inside the file)
<? php
echo ‘subdomain test’;
(control X to save)

  • creating an index file to test the subdomain

6) in NETWORKING create A entries for subdomain = subdomain> droplet> 3600

7) in NETWORKING create CNAME entries for subdomain = www.subdomain> subdomain.dominium> 43200

8) cd ~

  • to go to root directory

9) cd /etc/apache2/sites-available/

10) type: “cp 000-default.conf subdomain.domain.conf”

  • this command copies the default configuration file to one with the subdomain name (required)

11) type: sudo nano subdomain.domain.conf

  • edit the copied file

12) Within the copied file, change:
12.1 = remove “#” from ServerName and leave as: “ServerName subdomain.dominium”
12.2 = enter ServerAlias: “ServerAlias ​​www.subdomain.domain”
12.3 = change “DocumentRoot” to: “DocummentRoot / var / www / subdomain”
(control X to save - confirm by pressing Y and then enter the filename subdomain.dominio.conf)

13) type: “sudo a2ensite subdomain.domain.conf”

14) Restart server to terminate = “sudo service apache2 restart”

READY! Now access the subdomain link and see the message from the PHP file from step 5.

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Hi @emersongoncalves,

That’s great! Thanks for sharing this step by step guide with the community!


@emersongoncalves @bobbyiliev

Hi Emerson, Bobby

Would you, please, make a version to nginx?

Does subdomain inherit SSL configuration?

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