how to login using bitvise?

March 1, 2018 1.6k views
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I prefer Bitvise over Putty because of its handy sftp window, unfortunately, I have not been able to connect using Bitvise

I didn’t find many references, the best tutorial is but he creates the key pair first than the droplet and strangely uses PRIVATE key instead of public key.

In my case, I have already created the droplet and I’m trying to add ssh keys for w10 users; I do generate public keys with puttygen and even bitvise and register them on the digitalocean page but when using them from Bitvise they don’t work

Does anyone use Bitvise to tell me what I’m doing wrong?



1 Answer

I guess you need to upgrade your version of Bitvise. Go to their Website, download and install. It will automatically remove your previous version and install the latest one.

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