How to maintain mongodb config file?

September 27, 2014 9k views

I want to use mongod --dbpath with setParameter but I cannot because I can not stop mongodb on digitalocean. How can I do it?

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  • I need to use this parameter: "mongod --setParameter failIndexKeyTooLong=false"
    But without stoping mongodb I can not do it. Else I need mongodb to use my path to DB, it uses /var/lib/mongodb, and doesn't allow me to change path with mongod --dbpath
    How to turn mongodb off?

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You can set the parameter while MongoDB is still running. Connect to MongoDB as an admin user and run the following command:

db.getSiblingDB('admin').runCommand( { setParameter: 1, failIndexKeyTooLong: false } );

You might also need to add it to /etc/mongod.conf or /etc/mongodb.conf (the filename is different depending on what version of mongodb you are running):

  • I had the respect the YAML formatting in /etc/mongodb.conf:

      failIndexKeyTooLong: false

You can use

"service mongod stop" or
"service mongo stop" or
/etc/init.d/mongo stop or
/etc/init.d/mongod stop or

check the mongod process & kill it with below command

Killing the existing Mongo processes

for i in ps -ef | egrep 'shardsvr|configsvr|replSet|configdb' | grep -v egrep | awk -F" " '{print $2}'; do kill -9 $i; done

Please refer to my script at

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