how to make a '$' in terminal?

April 24, 2015 3.4k views
Linux Commands

I guess it is called a bash, but how do I make that one in the Droplet terminal window? I am on a norwegian keyboard layout now, but I can change to english if needed

Trying to chmod some stuff, and I need the '$' in a user field

in normal I press Alt Gr+4, but that doesnt work in the terminal

Preciate some help and thanks in advance

2 Answers

By default all droplets are configured for an EN-US keyboard layout. On this type of keyboard Shift+4 will make a $. You can reconfigure your keyboard (on debian and ubuntu) with the command dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration in order to set your keyboard locale correctly.

lol...why didnt I try SHIFT :D got sorted out, thank you so much ryanpq

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