How to make changes to wordpress CSS visible quickly?

June 16, 2016 2.2k views
WordPress Caching

I run a wordpress site on digitalocean where I set up my server with serverpilot (wordpress install done through serverpilot, too).

When I make changes to my theme (through the editor inside my wordpress control panel, for example the CSS file), they are only visible after roughly 24h – despite browser refresh and emtpying my browser's cache.

How can I make sure the changes I make to my site are visible right away? I guess it has got to do with caching – but to handle this?

2 Answers

If you are using a caching plugin, you can flush the css file. If you are using cloudflare you can put your site in development mode which will not cache.

When i am editing i disable my caching plugin and put my site in dev mode with cloudflare. I always test using incognito mode with different browsers as well.

Enabling development mode on cloudflare solved the problem. Thank you!

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