how to make domains redirect on webmin/virtualmin?

September 22, 2015 4.2k views
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I have two fields in my vps in virtualmin. I use. not use but had to create virtual server to have sub working. I want this redirect to Domain2 to Domain1 site, where do? I use.

I do this redirection in the table cloudflare or in my webmin / virtualmin? and how?

1 Answer

You could use different methods. I’ve always used vhost’s for this but you can most of the time also use forwarding threw your registrar. But if you only want to redirect the domain and not the sub, use a VHOST wich rewrites or 301 redirects to domain1.

This VHOST ofcourse depends on your system, so if you would like any more information you should give some more details about your DO droplet and what exactly you want to redirect.

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