How to make mails do not reach spam?

February 15, 2017 952 views
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When somebody try to contact any of the providers on my page, through the contact form that each provider has, the email gets spam

2 Answers

usually adding address to contacts prior receiving any email will prevent it to send new messages to spam mail.
So, every contact form is sending a message from its address. Put that address to your contacts and it should work fine.
To be sure which mail address is contact form sending a message from, just send one to yourself.



We'd really need more details about what you're using for your contact form and how the data that is submitted is being processed before we can really pinpoint why it's landing in SPAM versus actually being delivered.

For example, if you're using PHP and PHP's native mail() function, if there's no actual validation and you're not using an external SMTP server, or you own valid mail server, then mail sent will most likely end up in SPAM as the receiving server has no way of telling if who sent the e-mail is actually who they say they are.

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