How to make monitoring server?

April 21, 2015 1.6k views
Monitoring Ubuntu

i have 2 droplets
the one ( has a monitoring server (my friend do this for me),
and i want to do the same thing but i can’t

the monitoring server like this –>
username = “umum”
password = “umum”
you can try. .

what should i do to make monitoring server like that for my new droplets?

1 Answer

You can achieve something similar by installing Munin: How To Install Munin on an Ubuntu VPS.

In the network section, you should see at least two interfaces: eth0 and tun0. eth0 is “Server” in the monitoring server that you linked, and tun0 is “OpenVPN”.

Here’s a live demo of a Munin installation: Munin :: overview.

by Etel Sverdlov and Justin Ellingwood
Munin is a helpful utility that provides a visual way to monitor a VPS. It is set up to be extremely plug and play. It can be installed very quickly through apt-get. We will be using Ubuntu 12.04 in this guide.
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