How to make "/run" partition bigger?

July 21, 2015 2.4k views
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Every once in a while, my /run partition gets full of space, as it is only 100M. This is how i got it from the image on digitalocean. How can i resize this partition and make it a little bigger?

2 Answers

What is going into /run that is taking up so much space? Generally /run consists of things like pid files and sockets. If it’s filling up, there’s likely a bigger problem going on somewhere.

  • i think that HHVM stores sort of a cache there, i’ll see if i can move it elsewhere.

  • @filipac /run is a tmpfs partition, which means that all its data is stored in RAM (it might be swapped out to disk if you have swap enabled, but usually it’s in RAM). I recommend not moving it somewhere else because that means that the data would be on a regular partition so accessing it would be much slower.

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