How to make wordpress load with lightening speed?

January 29, 2014 3.8k views
Hello Community, Are there any ways/tricks to make my wordpress site load faster without using any cache plugins. I want to make them as fast as possible as if they were hosted on wpengine or wpsynthesis. which platform shall i go with and which server to install on it and what are the hacks to be made. Thank You
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I'd use Nginx webserver on a light Debian droplet, and a CDN like Cloudflare or something if you don't want to run cache plugins. Memcache on the server could help too in some circumstances...
Check out Using Cloudflare as "administrator" suggested would help decrease load time as well.
by Etel Sverdlov
Varnish is an HTTP accelerator and a useful tool for speeding up a server, especially during a times when there is high traffic to a site. It works by redirecting visitors to static pages whenever possible and only drawing on the server itself if there is a need for an active process. This tutorial covers installing wordpress on a LEMP stack (with nginx instead of apache), and then installing varnish.

Hi, I have created a website XXX HD Porns with Baisc plan which is of $5 in whcih I het 1 GB RAM and 1vCPU with 25GB SSD.

I am not getting much traafic as it is just new site I am geeting like 70 users a day and 300 Pageview then also website spped loading time is too high. Should I upgrade to high plan or what to do?

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