How to manage images of website on Digital Ocean server ?

August 29, 2013 5.3k views
Hi, We have previous experience with Amazon cloud services, there we have S3 for images/file storing and their predefined libraries for them. Here , How can we store & upload user's picture or any file on digital ocean server
4 Answers
You can still use S3 with Digital Ocean
Thanks for the quick reply,
just an another query, Do you provide or preferred any storage server ?
@jay.hardia: If Amazon S3 has been working fine for you, I don't see why you would switch to another storage service.

I personally use S3 and it works well. You can certainly use S3 with a DigitalOcean server. :]
Depending on the use case, DropBox or Google Drive are (free) options, as well.
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