How to manage Wordpress Files through SFTP?

March 9, 2015 6.8k views

Hello Digital Ocean,

I am currently trying to access my wordpress directory on my droplet, through SFTP. When I sign in and gain access, the /root directory is empty except for a file called WORDPRESS, which is only 1.3kb large.

How can I get in there and edit all my files so that I can add new templates and such?

Here is a screenshot.

Thank you,

Austin Witherow

  • I’m an idiot. I just needed to go to the /var/www folder.

  • You might consider creating a different user to manage your website. Using root for doing everyday things on your server can lead to ..undesirable.. results.

  • Was the /var/www folder something you were able to access in your admin area? or through SFTP?

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