How to map domain name to Java application on TomCat server?

May 9, 2016 4.6k views
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Hi there.
I'm very new to server management, so sorry for maybe a stupid question.
My droplet runs on CentOS 7. I'm using TomCat since my webapp is Java based.
For now it is deployed and working under the standard URL http://my-droplet-ip:8080/myapp
The thing is I can't figure out how to make my app and my domain to be friends. :)
I found some tutorials here like:
Also I found some info like this
They seems understandable each individually, but when I start to put them together it breaks apart.
Did I get it right? There is a local file on the machine with the information about hosts. The tutorials from DO explains how to map the domain to a name server and also to update this local file via DO control panel.
After that you can do some magic with TomCat server.xml since the "local file" (lets name it this way) now knows about the domain and the name server knows where to point the request to. This way, when the request comes to my droplet TomCat can see what app to give.
Can you point where I'm wrong. Maybe give a hint or a link with a tutorial for my case? :)
Thank you.