How to migrate a postfix box to DigitalOcean?

May 5, 2014 2k views
Hi folks, I'm looking to migrate an email server I have with another provider to DigitalOcean. However I'm unsure of what's the most straight forward way of doing so, while retaining all configuration. I'm not a seasoned sysmadmin so please bear with me :) I'm using CentOS with postfix installed in my DO droplet. The server I'm moving is very low traffic so I'm ok if there's a bit of downtime. Thanks,
1 Answer
Sorry for the late reply. In the most cases you can. If your old server use cPanel you will find the mail directory in your files. Copy that folder and upload it to your DO droplet. Place it in the folder where your emails are going to be and configure postfix to look into that directory.
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