How to Migrate from cPanel to Ubuntu

August 26, 2014 3.5k views

Hello i have couple of site that is running on cPanel -Linux platform and i have DO account that is running centos. I would like to transfer all of my files from linux to centos.

Is there a scrpit or a plugin for centos that allows me to upload the file and have the site running?

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I have done something similar, but I guess process which I had to follow (after a lot of reading) was not that simple for me like a single

plugin or script..

Starting the Things

  1. Deploy a VPS (Droplet) running Ubuntu 12.04 or CentOS 6.5 (use x86 if RAM is 1GB or less)
  2. Deploy zPanel (an free alternative to cPanel)
  3. Setup the DNS entries in DO panel
  4. Add the domains in zPanel (create the directory structre)

Get back to cPanel of Present Host

  1. Back up and download the DB (if you are running any) via phpmyadmin
  2. zip the content of your your public_html (for every domain) excluding any host sepcific file


  1. Login to SSH
  2. Navigate to your domains public_html
  3. Use wget to pull the zip from present hosting wget
  4. Unzip the file unzip

Restore and the DB

  1. Use the phpmyadmin of zPanel to create DB and user
  2. Restore the DB you backed up from older host
  3. Edit your CMS config file (if required)

DNS update

  1. Update the DNS from your domain registrant to point the domain to DO name servers

Note, cPanel is available, if you have larger budget you can purchase cPanel from their store and deploy that.. This would be very easy in cPanel but without that, I found, being used to cPanel and total linux noobe, a lot of learning and reading had to be done to get the setup running..

Use the DO tutorials (related to the process) to learn more about the steps..


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