How to migrate volume from one droplet to another droplet with all files?

June 14, 2017 1.8k views
Block Storage Ubuntu 16.04

we have created two droplet named as do-glusterfs-sfo2-10,do-glusterfs-sfo2-30.
In do-glusterfs-sfo2-10 droplet , i have created one volume named as do-volume-sfo2-10-v1.
In this volume ,i have stored some files. Now i want to move this volume along with files from do-glusterfs-sfo2-10 droplet to do-glusterfs-sfo2-30 droplet. Please Let me know how to do?

1 Answer

Hi @liveb4buy

You can change which droplet the Block Storage is connected to via the control panel.
Then you connect to the new droplet and mount the volume (and edit /etc/fstab if you want it to persist across reboots).
How you've configured GlusterFS might need to be changed - and not sure how it's going to handle the move - it depends on how it's configured again.

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