How to mount dd image of droplet ?

March 18, 2015 2.2k views
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I have created a dd image of /dev/vda and i can’t mount it on my local unbutu server where i transferred it

I get this in dmesg | tail

[763158.222159] EXT4-fs error (device loop0): ext4_map_blocks:504: inode #8: block 10541546: comm mount: lblock 23018 mapped to illegal pblock (length 1)
[763158.222299] jbd2_journal_bmap: journal block not found at offset 23018 on loop0-8
[763158.222367] JBD2: bad block at offset 23018
[763158.222581] JBD2: recovery failed
[763158.222588] EXT4-fs (loop0): error loading journal

If i try to check it out with file i get:
vda.img: data

Any idea what it could be ?

1 Answer

Most likely the image is corrupt. When vda is mounted and in use you will encounter problems with the resulting image.

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