How to mount space into droplet or mayb into swarm instances?

April 21, 2018 1.9k views
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couple of month ago i have mount space into droplet successfully... but yesterday i tried it using same step but it fail to mount, showing error "Must specify the bucket= mount option"... i have submit a issue to, but no lucky at the moment...

by the way can i directly mount Space onto docker instances in swarm? i did saw some storage yaml file posted out there, but i have no idea how to apply to instances since no detail example was given...

hope can get some guide and help here...

2 Answers

Here are a few things to check...

Have you changed anything recently?

When using s3fs have you tried placing the local mountpoint at the end of your command?

Have you tried using bucket= as recommended by the error message instead of placing the bucket name inline?

I'm have try this to is not working properly the s3fs service work 60% of RAM and droplets will stick much hard resetting.

i try 1.


is there any way to mount digitalocean spaces onto droplet or can't use like block storage?

the block storage working fine and very good but low spaces and high price.

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