How to move my wordpress site from Hostgator to digital ocean

August 22, 2016 6k views
DigitalOcean WordPress Ubuntu 16.04

Hey I'm new to a digital ocean, I've two websites one is hosted on Hostgator and other is on a digital ocean, I'm facing too much downtime at Hostgator, so I want to move my site from HostGator to the digital ocean, I want a step by step guide. Can you please give me any tutorial or youtube video link on this.

3 Answers

This guide will walk you through the process. Basically you will need to:

1.) Create a backup of your MySQL database.
2.) Create a backup of your web files
3.) Create a new LAMP/WordPress or PHPMyAdmin droplet on DigitalOcean
4.) Copy your files to the web root of your new droplet.
5.) Import your database
6.) Check that wp-config.php is updated to match your database.

by Ramesh Jha
If you read through this article you'll have the knowledge to migrate your WordPress site from Shared Hosting to a Cloud Server with zero downtime.

How do i do it without facing downtime..? May i change the NS after migrating all files and DB to DO from my prev Host..? Pls lmk asap, Thanks

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