How to pay for my clients/friends?

June 22, 2015 1.7k views

I have a web-design agency in Mexico:

I (often) create websites for my clients and choose DigitalOcean for hosting.

My problems:

1- My clients sometimes don’t have credit cards
2- Their credit cards block payments to DO, I guess the bank sees the activity as “suspicious”
3- I’ve tried using my payal account to pay in advance for their hostings, however I don’t want to make it permanently associated to their account or see my activity as suspicious.

If I choose to create droplets for them and charge them I’m facing other problems:

1- Can’t separate credit balance: If client 1 paid me and client 2 didn’t pay how can I tell DO to use the money for Droplet 1 and NOT for Droplet 2
2- Don’t want to be responsible for their activity on my DO account
3- Don’t want to be a “hosting company”

What is the best approach?

How to help them pay or pay for them?

1 Answer

Just use they’re API. I don’t think there is a safer and easier way to do there things. :)

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