How to pay from India? Even Paypal is not accepting my card.

June 23, 2015 2.9k views
DigitalOcean CentOS

I want to buy from a cloud package and tried paying from my debit card but I could not pay. Even PayPal is not accepting my card. How can I pay?

  • Which Bank and what type of card ??

  • You need a chip card with International Usage enabled. Contact your bank for more details.

  • Very Few Cards actually work with PayPal..

    Major Private Banks do offer support out of the box, like ICICI / HDFC / Axis along with some state run banks like SBI / IBDI..

    But completely depends on bank in case of Debit Card..

    Its a major problem and headache unless you have a credit card..

  • I have credit card of HDFC but still i m not able to use it. is there any problem with my card or problem in DO policy ?

  • Brother you can use hdfc netsafe cards. They are not physical cards. They are virtual and are valid for 24 hours and can have max of 50,000 rs

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I need to know which are the geographical area that accept for debit card payment in the digital ocean account. Please help me

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