How to pay the bill for another account belonging to my client.

February 21, 2015 2.9k views

Hi, I have a DigitalOcean account myself. Recently I am working on a web app for a client, and would like to sign up an account for them. The question is that I have to pay the bill of DigitalOcean for my client. I use my own paypal account for my own DigitalOcean account, but how can I pay the bill for my client’s account?

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You’ll have to talk to DigitalOcean staff. Open a ticket, or email

You can link your paypal account, also if your client doesn’t have/needs access to the DO Panel you can create the droplet in your own account, as it looks you will be the responsible for it anyways.

  • Thanks EpicCDN, my clients will not access the Panel. So I think I will create a droplet for them in my account and take the responsibility for it.

  • @guesq that is a lot better, that way you can keep an eye on whats going on in the system, and impose best practices security too.

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