How to point DNS (GoDaddy -> DigitalOcean -> CloudSigma). Is this possible?

November 12, 2017 1.1k views
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Hello, I have already successfully added DigitalOcean’s nameservers to GoDaddy and it successfully points it back to me.

However, I have another problem. Is it possible to point Digital Ocean’s to another host’s nameserver’s IP? I’m also using CloudSigma but they don’t support much of domain names.

Here’s what I’d like to do:

Nameservers of DigitalOcean are already on GoDaddy
GoDaddy points back and is working.
My’s IP is hosted here on DigitalOcean.
I have added A - name to my XX.XX.XX.XX (hosted DigitalOcean) - and it works.
I have added A - to my XX.XX.XX.XX (hosted on CloudSigma) via the DigitalOcean’s DNS option on webpanel, but CloudSigma doesn’t have a webpanel for DNS on their end.

So finally, is it possible? Since GoDaddy’s is pointing my “” to DigitalOcean’s nameserver can I use it on other IP address from another host (CloudSigma)? What do I have to do? I have to manually add it on my VM (CloudSigma’s end) Apache to point it back to here? Or are there other things to do?

Please help. And thank you!

1 Answer

DigitalOcean’s DNS service supports pointing domains at IP addresses host outside of DigitalOcean. You should not have any issue creating an A record that points to an instance on CloudSigma in the DigitalOcean control panel.

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