How to poweroff Droplet if I'm currently using serverpilot?

Posted December 30, 2014 5.6k views

I’m currently using serverpilot as my control panel of DO’s droplet, however I want to make use of your DO’s snapshots, and as recommended, I need to poweroff first the server from a command line.

But the root password is no longer working, is this being overwritten by serverpilot app? where do i need to put this command: “sudo shutdown -h now”

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Can you log in to your droplet as root using the remote console in the (DigitalOcean) control panel?

If the password still doesn’t work, try resetting it:

You should then get a new root password via email.

Once you’re in, it’s recommended to use the poweroff command instead of shutdown -h now, so running poweroff as root should shut down your droplet.

Hi, ServerPilot does not change your server’s root password. If you’ve made your own customizations to the ssh server, you may have restricted your access as the root user. Assuming you haven’t customized the ssh server, it sounds like you will need to reset your root password through the DigitalOcean control panel.

Yes. It would be best to shut it down by command line. If you cant, you could always use digital ocean api to shut it down then take the snapshot and afterwards once its complete the server will restart automatically

  • Thanks! But how can I shut it down if I’m using as my control panel? the root password seems to be not working anymore after I installed serverpilot. Any ideas please?

Thanks! This has resolved my problem. I just reset the password. Maybe I just accidentally changed the root password previously.