How to push from git repo to dokku installed in droplet

May 26, 2014 3k views
Hi, I just set up a ubuntu 14.04 x64 droplet, In it, I installed dokku. Now I want to push my Django project I have in git repo, but when I try to, I get an error. I asked a fully detailed question (or at least I tried to) here: After pushing my repo, I'd like to know how can I upload and make my app work with a postgres DB dump (MyDb.dump). Thanks.
1 Answer
Take a look at You need to add your SSH key and connect as dokku@ instead of git@.
As for postgres, see
by Justin Ellingwood
Dokku is a deployment tool that allows you to quickly get your app off the ground in a production environment. In this guide, we will discuss how to take advantage of Dokku's plugin system in order to extend the functionality of the core application. This will allow you to add database access to your applications, and provide you with additional deployment options.
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