How to reboot droplet through the command line / restart apache server

September 22, 2014 186.4k views

I tried increasing php.ini upload file size. No effect after entering the commands (I found them here: Do I have to restart the server? Please help.

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  • To increase the max file upload you can set the size from wordpress settings. As for the reboot , by entering “reboot” in cmd .. should do the trick.

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To reboot a server from the command line, run:

sudo shutdown -r now

To restart Apache, run:

sudo service apache2 restart

i restarted server using this above cmd and ,my game - vcmp server isnt working now, seems like it has been stopepd working, any help would be appreciated.

Wouldn’t “reboot” simply been the better answer?

  • they both seem to work.. but I wonder at a technical level what the difference would be. If one is a ‘safer’ way to restart?

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