How to recover `rm -r` deleted folder

December 9, 2016 9.7k views
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Dear community,

I have been working on some sites on my droplet, I went to delete a folder in the apps root and I accidentally deleted the entire apps root using rm -r (with f or a wildcard idr)

I know rm is dangerous command, I know I have to enable backups, but is there anyway I can recover all the files from the cloud? I went to use photorec but it tells me no hard disk found, meaning that's cloud I assume.

I also have a backup archive but the sad thing is I had it stuck at 99% and cancelled, now I can tell it is corrupted archive and fixing it gives me only 2 folders while it is for the whole apps root.

Any thoughts?


1 Answer

There are a few tools that can attempt to recovery data in this situation but it's highly likely that the data will not be recoverable. A few threads that talk about various options are here, here and here

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