How to Redirect to a URL

March 22, 2019 907 views
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Sorry I am very new to this.
I have a site on and I want to know the simplest way to 301 redirect either or to an external URL
Can someone go in detail on how to accomplish this. Would be greatly appreciated.

I tried htaccess

RewriteCond %{Request_URI} /download/?$
RewriteRule ^ [L,R=301]

But this doesnt work, am I missing a step?

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We have a tutorial that may be helpful here:

Basically, inside your virtual host, you could do something like this:

Redirect 301 /download


by Justin Ellingwood
HTTP redirects are used to redirect web site visitors to new locations when they request content. These are useful for a variety of reasons, whether permanent or temporary. This guide will demonstrate how to redirect visitors using Apache and Nginx.
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