How to redirect domain from websiteA.com to webisteB.com

February 15, 2015 5.8k views

I have two domain, websiteA.com and websiteB.com

I want to redirect domain so when people visit websiteA.com automatically redirect to websiteB.com.

What is the domain record that I must write ?

Can someone help me ?


  • What web server are you running? I'd be happy to help you get this set up but since different web server software requires different configuration settings in order to set this up a little more information is needed.

  • I am using Apache and Ubuntu

  • I am using Apache and Ubuntu.

    I also using Virtual Min to manage my server

2 Answers

@didit go to your DNS manager and create a cname (Alias) record from www.domainA.com to www.domainB.com

I'm using ZPanel 10 with CentOS 6, and also do not know how.

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