How to Redirect emails using postfix, custom domain and ubuntu 18.04

September 29, 2018 870 views
Email Ubuntu 18.04

Hey all,
yeah, I know that this question appeared a lot of times here, but I followed all answers and a lot of tutorials trying to configure my Droplet with Postfix to redirect my emails to my gmail box

I need some help to configure the follow items:
My MX domain ( or - if is it really needed
My Postfix to redirect the mails received in the mail box to my gmail (free account)

If someont can help me, I'll be very very very glad

  • New information

    The mail is reaching the postfix service now, but I'm receiving the follow message:

    B45CC425A7:,, relay=none, delay=201812, delays=201661/0.02/150/0, dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (connect to[2a00:1450:400b:c03::1b]:25: Connection timed out)

  • DNS Configuration Working
    CNAME is an alias of 600
    MX mail handled by 600

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