How to reduce latency to league of legends server?

Posted February 29, 2016 5.1k views
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Hello, I am using softether as a VPN, my only problem is that the latency and stability is bad for league of legends only. My ping test and other games are working fine. Normally i should be getting 70-80 ms in league, but instead I am getting 120+ ms and signs of instability.
I tried creating a new droplet and was running ubuntu and still had the same issue.

What should I do?

Thank you.

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4 answers

It’s a given that using a VPN can decrease game performance due to the additional processing and encapsulation of the traffic. I suppose these issues do not happen without the VPN?

  • I am using the VPN to bypass the network restrictions, I have yet to test the league of legends on the VPN in a normal network. But other games do not have this issue, and I know that it will slightly (up to 20ms which i have included) decrease the game performance, but compared to other games it is not normal.
    What is annoying me the most is that this happens in league only. Everything else works fine, so I don’t know how to tackle this issue.

Network restrictions are there for a reason, but why don’t you run a traceroute and find out why?

Try using a gaming VPN in case you are having troubles of ping in LoL.. You see gaming VPNs are dedicated applications that enhance your connection with the game server unlike normal VPNs that are used for online anonymity and security. Although there might be other reasons that I might not know of but for me VPN is just about that.
I am a Dota 2 player and am currently using Kill Ping for reduce my ping in the game. Normally it was above 160ms if I played in EU servers. Now its less than 90ms and thats a huge plus for me.
The application has a trial so you can try it to see if it works for you or not.

  • digital ocean servers are great, gaming vpn won’t be better. All my games are working fine, the problem is just with league so far.
    Sadly I need to bypass the network restrictions and kill ping doesn’t tunnel traffic (I tried) :/

@omaritani1993 , just because the VPN connection you’re using doesn’t affect the ping on your other games, doesn’t mean it won’t affect the ping for every game. You’ll need to figure out the region in which your client in connecting to, and try to find a VPN server as close to the region you possibly can. claims to speed up your gaming, I’ve tried it and didn’t really do much for me, I guess because I have 1GB fibre connection and the game server is relatively close. On slower connections it may have a bigger impact.