How to reinstall Wordpress

April 6, 2015 2.4k views
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I accidentally remove mysql, and my Wordpress become unavailable, how to reinstall my wordpress?

  • Unless you purged the data (which wouldn't be accidental), reinstalling MySQL and starting the service would get your site running again.

    The data should still be there.

  • Sadly I remove the /var/lib/mysql folder :(

    But it's ok now coz I look for arround and have backup my droplet..so restore it make my database exist again. Next time i'll be very carefull to delete anything. Thx for the reply mate :d

  • You should backup your files weekly to another droplet, by using rSync as example ;) Else you'll still have a Single point of Failure.

  • ok mate..thx for the suggestion :d

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