How to remove a property from an object in JavaScript?

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I recently got asked how to remove a property from an object in JavaScript.

Here is an example object::

let linuxDistros = {
  "Ubuntu": "20.04",
  "CentOS": "8",
  "Debain": "10"

Let’s say that we wanted to remove the CentOS properly. Here are a couple of ways on how to do that.

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In order to remove a property from an object in JavaScript, you can use the delete followed by your Object and the property that you want to remove.

If we take the object from the question:

let linuxDistros = {
  "Ubuntu": "20.04",
  "CentOS": "8",
  "Debain": "10"

We can remove the CentOS property with the following:

delete linuxDistros.CentOS;

Here is a quick demo on how this would work:

How to remove a property from an object in JavaScript

Here is an alternative syntax as well:

delete linuxDistros['CentOS'];

If you want to learn more about how to make changes to the DOM with JavaScript make sure to check out the following tutorial:

Hope that this helps!

by Tania Rascia
In this tutorial, we will go over how to create new nodes and insert them into the DOM, replace existing nodes, and remove nodes.
var person = {

delete person.age;  // or delete person["age"];

// Before deletion: person.age = 50, after deletion, person.age = undefined

Note: The delete operator should not be used on predefined JavaScript object properties. It can crash your application.

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