How to remove duplicate value in a list? I am working with Windows 10, and Visual Studio running Python 3.7

November 14, 2019 130 views

How do I remove a duplicate value from a list in Python 3. I wrote a small program that creates a list of numbers that are from 1 to 100 and divisible by % 3 == 0 and % 5 == 0. These are stored in a variable ‘integer = []’. Of course, there are duplicates at 15, 30, and so on. I want to get rid of one of the duplicates and sum what’s left.

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You could try with the following:

mylist = ["a", "b", "a", "c", "c"]
mylist = list(dict.fromkeys(mylist))

Hope that this helps!

Very good, it worked. Thank you for the help.

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