How to remove the authorization login message for site visitors?

March 2, 2014 3.5k views
Hello, I'm new to digitalocean cloud server. I created a droplet with the wordpress on ubuntu 13.10 application image. I set up the site and the dns setting. But now, when trying to access the site, it asks me to login to my droplet via SSH for login details. I googled and found that the .htaccess file with the 'require valid-user' line could be the reason for it. I came looking for the solution and landed here. Installed phpPgAdmin, but could't figure out what should be done to the .htaccess authentication configuration. I just want the authorization message to disappear for the visitors. Please help.
3 Answers
You need to edit it out of the virtualhost config in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled.
And how? The folder is empty ...

I have the same question
Looked into the sites enables. the only option to edit out was this one
CustomLog ${APACHELOGDIR}/access.log combined
so i commented this out also restarted apache but it is still asking for the password
i also removed .htaccess but did not solve it

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