How to resize your droplets without having any problems.

March 28, 2017 1k views
Apache Ubuntu 16.04

Finally I created my website and I had some issues and now it working perfectly and I will post a post for all the problems that I face in the coming days.
What I want to ask, is how to resize my droplet without losing anything.
My website does not having traffic. 0 traffic a day. my visitors come to a time I know it.
I need to make my website 2 or 4 gb of ram. for example for 5 hours. and after that back to the 1 ram or 0.50.......
Thank you for help.
I need to resize my droplet from low to high and back to the low.

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As of right now, the only way you can automate this would be to use DigitalOcean’s API using either a programming language (your choice) or a combination of bash scripting and doctl, a CLI-based interface for the API.



For automation to work, you’d have to code your own solution that would check X, Y, Z and then do an action based on the results of said check.

Otherwise, the only solution would be to manually do this from the DigitalOcean Control Panel.

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