How to run an iOS, Android or iWatch simulator inside Dokku or Docker?

March 1, 2016 3k views
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I'd like to deploy my cross-platform mobile app online before launching it the Apple or Google store. This way, my client can test run remotely from wherever he is.

Could you please show me a way to run an iOS, Android or iWatch app inside a Dokku or Docker container?


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  • Hi,

    As far as I know, it's not possible to run iOS or Apple watch software on a Linux platform, as the simulator is only available on Mac OSX. You could potentially use a VM of the Mac OS, but this would not be advisable to do inside of a Docker container.

    I'm not sure about Android code, but since it runs on a Java VM, this is more possible. What are you attempting to test by doing this? Have you looked into sending your client the app to be installed locally on their devices for testing - using TestFlight or some other service instead?

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Hi BrookDO.

Thanks for your quick and helpful reply!

My goal is not to host my cross-platform app for production use. Instead, it's to deploy it for testing purposes before launching in any of the mobile app stores (i.e. Apple, Google).

Since my client isn't tech savvy, I'd prefer not to to deploy the app online, and run testing and simulate demos real-time with instant feedback.

Do you know of any such services?

Thanks a lot for sharing all the references and details Brook. I have been a DigitalOcean user for a long now highly satisfied with the top notch quality and service. Never faced no downtime. Thank you so much all of DO team for such great work. Appvalley Tutuapp Tweakbox

Great & detailed Replay @BrookDO, No doubt that Docker is one the only choice for developers for building and managing the lifecycle of clients' applications. Developing mobile applications is an art and little bit different. Sometimes such type of ambiguities makes life enough challenging.

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