How to set a Admin Dashboard ?

June 18, 2016 2k views
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I have seen a lot of admin dashboard templates on ThemeForest . Now how exactly should I configure them ? I just need to have a google analytics and no. of signups shown up there.
Basically I am noob so a detailed answers are most welcomed.

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Hey there!

The admin dashboard templates that you see on ThemeForest are mainly just the front-end templates. They don't collect any data for you. If you were to build/code an application that will require some sort of admin pages, you would have to do 2 things majorly - 1) write the application logic to get all the data you want, and 2) show all the data in a neat form as a dashboard. The admin templates on ThemeForest mainly help you with the 2nd part - showing all the data you want in a neat form. So you can't really download those admin templates and configure them directly to show the data that you want, unless you link it to a backend that will actually fetch that data for you!

Hope that answers your question!

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