How to set domain to point to my droplet

January 29, 2014 13.4k views
I've done this before but now I'm having issues. I'm following this document: And when I get to the point where I have to go to the DO control panel and Add DNS, when I type in the information I get an error "Name has already been taken." I'm not sure how to fix this.
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I found this to be helpful -

Good luck!
who is your domain provider? Godaddy?? or what??
I have the same issue. And my provider is GoDaddy. How do I fix this?
Never mind. Found the issue. Another account I controlled had the domain added in its domain section.
Hi guys,

I have a couple of domain names in hostgator which I am transferring to my droplet. I've been transferring all the domains fine except for 1 which I've received that weird message when trying to add the DNS to my droplet.

I get the error message "Name has already been taken."

It's weird. I don't have any other droplets created, just this one.

I didn't point the domain name from the registrar to digital ocean because of this yet.

Never seen that error before. Any ideas?
@ppacie: That means someone has entered your domain name as their host name already. If you file a support ticket, our team will help you sort it out.
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